Four Mistakes That Can Lower Your Google Ranking

If you want success in digital marketing, you should be able to make calculations and adjust based on numbers. This is according Digital Marketer’s Ryan Deiss. All the same, one of the crucial arms of digital marketing is search engine optimization, which has to do with how your website ranks in search engines.

Digital Marketer's Ryan Deiss

As a businessperson with focus on online marketing, you understand that you must do certain things to make your website more noticeable to Google. Such add-ons include search phrases, inbound links, and more fresh content. However, you may realize that Google can fail to send you targeted search traffic because of many reasons. Digital marketing gurus like Digital Marketers Ryan Deiss can tell you more about this. But, you can be able to avoid the costly mistakes if you know them.

Here are top factors that can lead to a lower Google ranking for your website or no search results.

Slow-loading pages

Slow loading of your web pages may be a result of several factors. Common causes include poor formatting, bargain-basement web hosting, or excessive graphics. These factors may be insignificant when you view the pages on a test server, but they can affect the website’s ranking on search engines.

Google recognizes that most internet users prefer pages that load quickly, or they may shift their attention to a different place. Slow loading pages are frustrating, especially to smart phone and tablet users without steady broadband connections and Google does not allow slow loading pages on the first search results.

Broken links within the website

Broken links affect the ranking of your website in many ways. First off, they show your visitors and Google that the website has incomplete content and has poor maintenance. In the end, your visitors will be taken round and round without getting the information they want. As experts such as Digital Marketers Ryan Deiss would tell you, repair and fill your broken link so your visitors can have a reliable next stop. If that is missing, Google will send no visitors to your website.

Duplicate content

Refrain from borrowing text, ideas, or images from your competitors. If you do, Google and other search engines will easily detect them and consider your website low value. In the end, it will not rank higher in the search engines. The best solution is to come up with original relevant content that your visitors and Google find beneficial.

Poor user experience

Poor navigation and formatting of content, high keyword density, will give your visitors poor user experience. This will deter Google from giving you the search results you want. If your visitors fail to get what they want from your website, you will find fewer or no visitors in the end.

To excel in digital marketing, fix these mistakes and you will have made a great leap ahead. Besides, it is advisable to seek advice from reliable experts such as Ryan Deiss with Frank Kern of Digital Marketer. Ryan Deiss created Digital Marketer, a renowned online platform providing resources for digital marketing. Reliable players in digital marketing such as Ardor SEO see Ryan Deiss as a prodigy in the industry.