External motors offer several extended utilities

Among the various types of electric motors, external motors are known for their compact design and greater utility. This type of motor is ideally suited for fans and other equipment. The external motors a save considerable amount of space. This is because the rotor of external motor is placed outside. The unique feature of external motor is that the external rotor component has been used as the hub of fan impeller. In some of the fans like, for example, Ziehl Abegg fans, the impeller and hub of the external motor have been used as one of the units of short axial of the fan.

Ziehl Abegg fans

Enables accurate balancing:

The external motor is so compact that it can be effectively used as a squirrel cage motor. In addition to this, the motor is capable of accurate balancing, which enhances its efficiency. Such motors are also known for their durability. The motors are available in nine exclusive frames with output ranging from 0.1 to 7.o kW. Normally, such motors are available for either axis or flange fastening.

Effective heat control:

The impellers of external motors of Ziehl Abegg fans are so designed that they act as a heat sink of the motor. The air circulation around the motor is such that it effectively removes heat in the surface area as well as in the interior of the motor.

Effective speed control:

Speed control is yet another important feature of external motors. To achieve this, the motor uses the principle of low cost voltage variation. This becomes possible because the motor is so designed that any extra heat generated in the rotor is removed by the airstream which directly passes into the rotor.

Some of the other salient features of external motors are briefly explained here:

·        Some of the external motor manufacturers like the Ziehl Abegg fans have introduced 9 series B5 electric motors. Such motors are known for their low noise and easy rotation changing mechanism. The motor is encased in a heavy rolled steel shell which ensures durability of the motor. This type of motor is provided with heavy duty centrifugal switches.

·        Some of the external motors fitted with basket grille fans, such as the Ziehl Abegg fans, are yet another important introduction from manufacturers. These are electronically commutated DC motors fitted with reliable EC controllers. These motors are known to provide flawless torque, which naturally enhances the efficiency of the motor.

·         The motors are provided with efficient air filters, which protect the centrifugal fan of the motor from dirt in the atmosphere. Naturally, by this method it would become possible to effectively improve the functioning of centrifugal fans. This in turn will enhance the life of the motor. See more at EDINGTON AGENCIES

·        Mixed flow and backward curve radial fan is yet another important introduction into the realm of external motors. These motors are available in single and three phase configurations. They are available in speeds varying from 4 to 9 poles.

Other products;

The manufacturers of external motors have introduced various other featured products like the geared motors, DC motors, metric fame motors, vacuum motors, three phase motors and so on. In addition to these, they also manufacture various other components like the capacitors, linear actuators, power transmission components and so on. Before you buy the materials, you must carefully go through the reviews of the products. For more details, just visit http://www.edingtonagencies.com.au/ziehl-abegg