Prong Setting 101 on Diamond Rings


When buying diamond engagement rings from Fine Jewellery Moi Moi, you put into consideration many factors such as diamond cut and shape. However, the prong setting is rarely ever considered, if at all. Your view on prong setting should change from here on out – this guide will show you what prong setting is and why should you care.

When you examine diamond engagement rings from Fine Jewellery Moi Moi, you will notice several metal prongs that form like a basket. This will serve as the base for the stone to rest in on your ring. The ends of the prongs are bent to ensure that they are secured against the crown. This will help to hold the stone firmly in place.

Most prong ends are rounded in nature but there are also some that are V-shaped or pointed. Some prongs even have decorative shapes so that it adds to the overall style of the diamond engagement ring. There are some prong settings that are positioned above the ring band while others are short so the stone does not protrude much. It is important to look at various prone settings when you are shopping for diamond engagement rings from Fine Jewellery Moi Moi.

When shopping for diamond rings, choose prongs that are tiny. This will make the diamond or other types of stone highly visible. The type of the prong setting could have a direct impact on the price of the diamond ring. Naturally, the more complicated the prong setting is, the more expensive the ring will be. If you want to make cleaning easier, choose stones that are set in prongs. Click here Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

On the flip side, avoid buying prongs that cover the girdle area of the gemstone. They do not offer adequate protection of the stone than more enclosed settings do. Furthermore, be extra careful about the style of prongs used as some could get snagged easily.

As a final guideline, take note of these tips when shopping for diamond rings based on their prong setting:

• Make sure that the prongs hold the stone snugly so it does not wobble around or risk getting lost.

• Make sure that the prong is set on a level base so that the stone is evenly positioned on top of it.

• Avoid buying rings with even or flat prongs. This can tear away at your gemstone over time.

• Be extra careful when buying hooked and open loop prongs. They could open up over time and risk your gemstone from falling off the ring band.

• Avoid short prongs that do not even get into contact with the gemstone. This means that the stone is not held in place as securely as it should.

• Avoid prongs that are not proportionate to the size of the gemstone. When the prongs are too large, it can overpower the gemstone. The gemstone should be the “star” of the ring, especially when it is a diamond.

With this information about prongs and how they impact your ring choices, you can now shop diamond engagement rings with confidence.

Benefits of Freestanding Gas Heaters


It is very important to choose the right fireplace wisely for your beautiful home when the choice is between traditional fireplaces, freestanding heaters, gas fireplaces and electric fires. Freestanding gas and wood heaters have become extremely popular recently as they heat up the room quickly. It is straightforward and easy to install them because you just need a chimney for it. Freestanding gas heaters have many benefits, and therefore, plenty of people choose them for their house. Earlier, the only option for a room fireplace was burning wood.


freestanding gas heaters


In a recent report it was stated that the traditional wood fireplaces are getting replaced by gas heaters because they are convenient and efficient. Here are some of the most common benefits of gas heaters:

1.      They require low maintenance and are energy efficient

These heaters either use liquid propane or natural gas. Mostly, natural gas is used. Illusion Gas Log Fires have persuaded many people to choose a gas fireplace instead of a wood fireplace.

These heaters are extremely energy efficient and require very low maintenance. They can quickly heat up your home and give you a cozy ambiance in the winter. Therefore, if you include a freestanding heater in your house, it can easily lower your heating bills by almost up to 25%.

2.      There is no hassle in cleaning the heater

The next benefit of freestanding gas heaters is that there is no hassle in cleaning one. It burns clean, and therefore, you don’t have to clean up the ashes from time to time. You also don’t need to chop wood logs for it. It is strenuous for people to clean piles of logs and ashes from the heater regularly.

3.      They can be operated conveniently

Most gas heaters can be operated conveniently through a remote control, a programmable thermostat or a wall switch. Therefore, you can easily determine how long you want the heater to burn or how hot it should be through a switch or remote. Some models also allow you to control the height of the flame. You obviously cannot get these facilities in a traditional fireplace.

4.      The process of installation is easy

Installing gas logs is not a very difficult process. The process of installation of freestanding gas heaters is easier than the traditional wood burning heaters. However, you must read all the installation instructions properly before working on it. Failure to follow the instructions might result in an explosion.

When you are working on the gas fireplace installers, remember to turn off the gas supply line. Since it is a freestanding heater, you just need to pick a great spot in your living room where you wish to place it.

5.      They are available in various styles and designs

You can find freestanding heaters in a wide range of styles and designs. You can find heaters with a rustic look. You can also find gas heaters in a modern and contemporary design. You will have plenty of options to choose from.

Thus, you can see why these gas heaters are so much popular these days. They have plenty of benefits and look very attractive.  Visit

Understanding the Bullion Value


You can choose to buy silver bullion for sale online or from a local dealer. However, understanding the value of metal coins is quite important in the trade. The bullion value denotes the worth of a coin based on the quantity of metal it contains. Coins are made of different metals including silver, copper, clad copper, or gold.


  • Copper coins: they have the greatest amount of pure copper in their composition. Some are made of clad copper or nickel. Caommon denominations include nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. These coins were made from 1965 going forward. As a coin trader, you can find gold, copper, or silver bullion for sale online or from local dealers.
  • Silver coins: they contain pure silver in the highest quantity. They were made in 1964 and previous years. Common denominations include quarters, dimes, half dollars, and dollars.
  • Gold coins: these coins were made in 1933 and previous years. They contain at 90% of pure gold in their composition.

 Finding Bullion Value

As a coin trader, you can trade in all the three types of coins including silver, copper, or gold. For example, when you choose to trade in silver bullion for sale, you should know the right value of the coin. In addition, it is important to understand the current market prices of the coins. As in the forex trade, the market values change several times within a given period. Many factors influence this change.

As the value of base metals keep changing, it is advisable to read the specifications of every coin in order to determine the value and quantity of the precious metal in it. Therefore, before you initiate the trade, you should visit relevant websites and familiarize yourself with the aspects regarding silver bullion for sale online in NZ.

Spot Prices of Coins

Spot price refers to the value of the coins according to current market rates. These keep changing by the minute. However, if you choose to trade NZ silver bullion for sale, you can visit several websites for detailed information regarding current prices. Relevant websites for commodity markets can provide information on the current value of gold, copper, or silver coins around the world. Common websites include:



·         Monex

Investing in Coins Trade

The world of coins trade is here for traders to explore. With calculated steps and appropriate information about the market, traders can find it lucrative. However, it comes with its share of challenges.

In addition to trading in precious metal bars, you can choose to trade in the coins for their bullion value as well. Various dealers exist both online and offline, including cheap NZ silver bullion for sale. These are available from online or local dealers. Some of the coins made of precious metals are in short supply and therefore in high demand.

Alternatively, there are coins in high mintage, which you can purchase in rolls or bags from reliable dealers. The price often depends on the value of the precious metal in their composition.  For more information, visit at: HTTP://WWW.BULLIONDEALS.CO.NZ/SILVER-BULLION-FOR-SALE-ONLINE-NEW-ZEALAND-NZ

Equipment for Electricity: Selecting a Suitable Generator for Your Energy Needs


The choice of what type of power generator to pick should make up a variety of considerations. To start with, you should explore what objective specifically you will require the generator, as it will certainly assist to establish its capability. If you require a generator for home applications, it would not be useful to select a heavy-duty generator, as this would provide a great deal more power than actually required. Similarly, if your requirement is for running machinery, a generator of smaller dimension would certainly not be sufficient as it would likely fall short when may need most. The generator service kits dealers offer as an example are able to support the features of an ordinary residence without uncommon problems.

Gas and Diesel Generators

Petroleum and also diesel generators function in a comparable way. Diesel electric generators frequently are located in farming setups, on construction sites along within storage facilities and also manufacturing facilities and also actually any type of place where a trusted, as well as portable source of energy, is required. This can either be because no primary power is offered (as happens at construction sites) or possibly the source of power is instead unreliable (manufacturing facilities as well as agricultural areas). As an instance, individuals with moderate power needs can be confident of locating excellent generator service kits.

Heavy-duty Performance of the Generator

When picking generator needs, one needs to pick a model with the highest efficiency attainable. The rate, as well as output details supplied by a maker, serves as a sign of dimension, for a fuel generator. Typically, a generator with greater power has an even greater rate as well as result. A majority of generators broken in-between 5KVA and also 2500KVA power result. Lower KVA generators are normally suitable for domestic use, whereas greater ones are a better option fit to a lot of industrial applications. Homeowners as an example have the option of selecting an appropriate capacity of generator service kits Australia vendors provide.

Some call for computing the load-supply had to know the effectiveness of a given generator version. One just needs determining the need for power to attain this, either for the business or residence, under regular operating conditions. The amount of power the generator can give would certainly show whether it is adequately powerful to fulfill the requirements of a company or house. The quantity of container energy just identifies just what length of time a generator will certainly operate between refuelling sessions. It is a smart idea to always pick generator service kits which offer a somewhat higher power-level compared to just what is called for as a help in lowering the possibility of overloading.

Examining Noise Level

An additional variable one could have to think about when selecting generator service kits is noise degree of a silent generator. Examine if the generator needs to be operated during the night within your residence. If so, it would certainly be helpful picking a silent diesel generator considering that its decibel level would be a lot reduced compared to typical diesel generators. Purchasing a silent diesel generator from generator service kits in Australia shops that brings a huge energy container would additionally be a good idea, which would guarantee smooth overnight procedure, therefore preventing the need for midnight refuelling. The level of noise is not extremely vital to think about if it is made use of during the day or in an industrial situation.

For more information on the services or some of the best generator service kits Australia has today, check their website at