Benefits of Freestanding Gas Heaters

It is very important to choose the right fireplace wisely for your beautiful home when the choice is between traditional fireplaces, freestanding heaters, gas fireplaces and electric fires. Freestanding gas and wood heaters have become extremely popular recently as they heat up the room quickly. It is straightforward and easy to install them because you just need a chimney for it. Freestanding gas heaters have many benefits, and therefore, plenty of people choose them for their house. Earlier, the only option for a room fireplace was burning wood.


freestanding gas heaters


In a recent report it was stated that the traditional wood fireplaces are getting replaced by gas heaters because they are convenient and efficient. Here are some of the most common benefits of gas heaters:

1.      They require low maintenance and are energy efficient

These heaters either use liquid propane or natural gas. Mostly, natural gas is used. Illusion Gas Log Fires have persuaded many people to choose a gas fireplace instead of a wood fireplace.

These heaters are extremely energy efficient and require very low maintenance. They can quickly heat up your home and give you a cozy ambiance in the winter. Therefore, if you include a freestanding heater in your house, it can easily lower your heating bills by almost up to 25%.

2.      There is no hassle in cleaning the heater

The next benefit of freestanding gas heaters is that there is no hassle in cleaning one. It burns clean, and therefore, you don’t have to clean up the ashes from time to time. You also don’t need to chop wood logs for it. It is strenuous for people to clean piles of logs and ashes from the heater regularly.

3.      They can be operated conveniently

Most gas heaters can be operated conveniently through a remote control, a programmable thermostat or a wall switch. Therefore, you can easily determine how long you want the heater to burn or how hot it should be through a switch or remote. Some models also allow you to control the height of the flame. You obviously cannot get these facilities in a traditional fireplace.

4.      The process of installation is easy

Installing gas logs is not a very difficult process. The process of installation of freestanding gas heaters is easier than the traditional wood burning heaters. However, you must read all the installation instructions properly before working on it. Failure to follow the instructions might result in an explosion.

When you are working on the gas fireplace installers, remember to turn off the gas supply line. Since it is a freestanding heater, you just need to pick a great spot in your living room where you wish to place it.

5.      They are available in various styles and designs

You can find freestanding heaters in a wide range of styles and designs. You can find heaters with a rustic look. You can also find gas heaters in a modern and contemporary design. You will have plenty of options to choose from.

Thus, you can see why these gas heaters are so much popular these days. They have plenty of benefits and look very attractive.  Visit