Wednesday, October 21, 2020

On-Site and Off-Site SEO

 There are more than just a few components when it comes to getting your site ranked on Google. Some good tactics...some bad that can get you in trouble.

There are several aspects that we all know when it comes to ranking a site, but the majority of the world can't fully grasp all of the fine details to truly rank a site. Which is where a pro team such as Plano SEO can come in and help. That could be simple consulting to help, or a full monthly SEO service that they do for a living.

Sure, adding the keywords that you want your customers to find you is very important. But that's just a small aspect. You need Google to realize they NEED to find you first. 

Depending on the platform you or your agency using there are of course built in SEO aspects to make it easy on yourself when creating a site. But that still isn't proper work to get you moving up the rankings. 

The keywords built into your sites content is one component of "on-site" SEO. We of course can spend hours and hours going over the tactics and how to properly optimize your site, contact a local agency to discuss their on-site SEO capabilities to see if it's good to have them do it for you...or if it's something you can take charge of yourself.

Off-site SEO is of course the other aspect, and very vital to being picked up quicker by Google and other search engines.

But you have to be careful here. Too many times small and local business hire "agencies" that claim they operate with best practices, when in fact they are overseas and do not follow the proper SEO tactics. And end the end you lose out on money and potentially having your site blacklisted or at least fall in the rankings.

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